Monday, October 19, 2009

From the Jacob Hope Anthology: Beware, it's harsh

OK... I worried about posting this claymation film by Jacob. Currently you can only find this film on the released Anthology or from some Soviet websites casting it as a bootleg. Either way it is graphic and harsh...yet so compelling. So, turn up the volume and hold on to your hat.


wendy said...

I especially liked how it was dedicated to two of his siblings.... feel the love.

wendy said...

By the way that was quite a shot at the end without a head... good thing his arms and legs still worked. Heads are so over-rated anyways.

Jeremy said...

Maui wowie! I've watched it four times now. I can't stop.

kristi bisti said...

i <3 it! i need to make dave watch it, he'll love it.

the anatomically correct heart was my favorite part.


John Lewis said...

Brent your kid needs therapy. Bad.