Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fabulous Easter Weekend

Special guests arrived at the Hope house in Hailey this weekend. The visitors were: My Mom and her boyfriend Robert West and also my brother David Hope and his girlfriend Kristi Bisti. We did lots of stuff over the weekend including:
  • Bocce Ball at the Elementary School
  • Touring up and down the Valley including a trip to the Sun Valley lodge.
  • Easter Dinner at the Hope's house.
  • Easter basket extravaganza.
  • Guitar playing.
  • Apples to Apples game playing.
  • Computer tutorials
  • Hiking
  • Sledding
Now Kristi, Dave's very sweet girlfriend (and already part of the family forever) had never been sledding before. Dave asked me if there was something I could do about it and I said,

"Get in the car!!"

I have a couple of tractor inner-tubes that we inflated, Penny, Brent, Dave, Kristi and I loaded up the truck and we headed to world famous "Rotarun" ski area (OK, it's not "world famous").

There were just a few problems at Rotarun; the snow was somewhat sparse and at the bottom of the hill was a water-runoff from the heavy spring melting that we have been experiencing here.

It didn't matter!

Captured on the video below is Kristi on her maiden voyage sledding down the Rotarun ski hill on a tractor inner-tube that she is sharing with my brother Dave Hope.

Press Play!

Ruth, Maralyn, Kristi, Penny, Robert, Brent and Dave

Dave and Brent

Dave, Kristi, Penny and Brent (and flippin sweet inner-tubes)

Penny looking very somber realizing that she is about to go screaming down the hill with her brother Brent on the inner-tube. She only wimpered.

Beautiful Sarah at the Sun Valley Lodge.

Mom was crazy tired from the hectic pace and fell asleep on the beanbag. While sleeping we all gathered around her for a "funeral shot."


Jeremy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm very jealous. I want to go down Rotarun again!

Jessumca said...

i liked this post. but most especially i liked to hear your quiet laughs in the video. it made me laugh. :)

Jeremy said...

Hey, I really enjoy your "quote of the day" section.

kristi bisti said...

nice post! hooray for our weekend! :) love you all so much!