Monday, April 6, 2009

First, Disco and now the "Anti Hip-Hop Movement."

This guy hates Hip Hop

It's an epidemic and as seen in this brutal video, if you sing any song from the Hip-Hop genre (even in your shower) this mean guy who is real cross will sneak up and paste you in the mouth. This "punching guy" is the same guy that ended Disco back in the day. BLAST!! (Why??)

Now if we can get this guy to hate the real twangy "Country Music" genre.


Jessumca said...

i think he is doing whats best for all of us. i agree that he needs to hurry up and get on with the country music now. ;)

Jeremy said...

I laughed at that when I probably shouldn't have. Oh well.

And yes, country is next. Why can't all country sound like Johnny Cash and June Carter??