Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twin Falls Idaho: The Sushi Capital?

Ruth and I ventured into Twin Falls yesterday and attended the Temple. Afterwords I jokingly said lets go get some Sushi. A quick search of the GPS revealed several (several???) Sushi restaurants in the immediate area. Befuddled Ruth and I drove to "Sushi Ya" for their all-you-can-eat Sushi special. Admittedly we were worried. I mean, we are in Potato Country for goodness sake. Not only that, there are sugar refineries everywhere in this Snake River Basin. What does that mean? It means it smells 10 times worse here than it ever did in Tacoma. Ask my brother Jeremy about the smell. He knows a little something about it, living in Nampa and all.

I am glad we live in the mountains!!

Anyway, we went into the restaurant and we were immediatly pleased. We were taken out of this windy Idaho farm town and transported to Japan someplace. The ambience was great and the food was fantastic boasting all different kinds of sushi and sushimi. Service was excellent too! This place is on the list. Come visit us and we might take you here.


wendy said...

I'm not sure I can handle the raw stuff!?! I was hoping that was licorice.

Jeremy said...

You're right about the smell. Our boys have dubbed the sugar factory down the street as the "stink factory." All the smelly Nampa rumors are true.

On the other hand, I love good sushi. Isn't it funny how some of these rural communities have adapted? In Idaho, I wasn't sure you could get "good" sushi outside of the Boise area. Kudos to Twin Falls!

Jessumca said...

oh i hope you take me there!

Sean Atkisson said...

Man would I ever love to go to the temple with you and have for all you can eat sushi afterwards. We'll have to do it, but you might have to drive me trust Tonya doesn't like to take me to far away from the house, but her heart is growing closer to the temple each day. In the meantime, you dollar sushi you can for me