Saturday, March 14, 2009

Skiing like a Banshee!! "Penny wait for me!!"

Today, Penny and I were able to get out and ski Dollar Mountain in Sun Valley. Dollar is an excellent place for beginners of all ages. Penny bombed down every single run and had a great time. Make sure you watch the video at the end!

Here's Penny with Sun Valley's Bald Mountain in the background. Penny has been to the top and skied all the way down Baldy with out falling! Mad skills.

Penny with the town of Sun Valley in the background.

Taking a break!

Dad's skis on the left, Penny's skis on the right while on the chair lift.

Shadow of Penny and her Dad.

-=Press play=-
Radical video of Penny hosting a "yard sale."


Becka said...

Big round of applause, Penny! Crazy skills!

Jeremy said...

Good job Penny! Very impressive.
Great pictures and video too.

I like "welcome to the jungle" to top off the video.

Amber Hope said...

Penny is AMAZING! I want to go now!

The Thomas Family said...

No Way!! That was totally WICKED! Penny rocks! I was nervous just watching. Wowzer!

Jessumca said...

Penna Menna! I want to go skiing! Great job!

wendy said...

Yeah baby!!!

I was a little worried the photographer was going to fly off the edge of the scenic mountain side.
"That looks nice.....ahhhhh"

Loved the jump at the end!!