Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ticket, Tumbling, Ticked off Lady and the Taco Bell Arena

Last weekend I won tickets to the first and second round of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. The games were played Friday and Sunday. The tickets were won in a contest of skill. The skill was "Mental Telepathy." This means that the names were drawn out of a box and I "willed" my name into the drawer's hand.

Pretty easy really:
  • Guy reaches into box -
  • I concentrate really hard with both eyes squinting and pointer finger on right temple -
  • Guy pulls name out of box -
  • Guy reads my name -
  • As I snatch the tickets from the guy's hand, I respond with, "yeah right, it's mental telepathy, whaddya think?" (ala-Napoleon Dynamite)
  • Presto! Tickets.
This telepathic talent works once in every 1,222,998 times I try it.
So: Kind of a talent.

Center court at the Taco Bell Arena located on the campus of Boise State University.

Wisconsin player goes up hard with the left hand.

Wisconsin cheer squad on Mountain Dew.

This lady sat in front of me. I accidently sneezed on her (my bad).


Jeremy said...

Like I always say, if you can't sneeze into your hands, sneeze into some lady's hair.

Allison said...

Remind me not to sit in front of you at church . . .

Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Jessumca said...

What a talent dad! I'm glad you were able to "will" those tickets.. maybe you could teach me some time. ;)

wendy said...

Way Luckeeey!!
Way Talented!! I always knew you had it in you. You shouldn't hide that kind of talent... come share it with us in the room-a-day give-a-way!!

At least you did not leave visible slime in that ladies hair... or did you take the picture before you sneezed?