Monday, March 9, 2009

Felix and Thomas and Mexican Travis

I have taken the liberty (and photos from Jessica's blog) to show pictures of my sweet grandsons. Below you will see pictures of Felix, Thomas and their crazy dad: Mexican Travis. Many people can not tell by looking at Travis if he is the real Travis or the Mexican Travis. I will disclose the secrets of that discernment later in this post. For now I will tell you some subtle differences between the Mexican Travis and the real Travis.

Real Travis likes - The Beatles
Mexican Travis likes - to eat beetles
Mexican Travis puts the seat down after his business
Real Travis.....Does not.
Mexican Travis is not a bad driver
Real Travis drives real bad
Mexican Travis will eat all of your Captain Crunch cereal
Real Travis will all of your lunch meat (we've had both Travis's at our house)

Here's a delightful picture of our newest Grandson Felix Norman Hatch! Let's all give him a big Daily Item round of applause. That smile is so cute!

Now here's a good big brother: Thomas kissing Felix.

Keep this boy stocked in Oreos and there will be no behavioral problems. Just look at the good boy.

Many people don't know the difference between Mexican Travis and regular Travis. Giving it away with a swarthy sneer we can easily see that this is Mexican Travis. Thomas is very happy in this picture because in his little mind he is thinking of me.


Jessumca said...

CUTE! I like this post. I've always had difficulties finding the difference between Travis and Mexican Travis. This helps me out! ;) Its ok that you stole from me.

Travis said...

i just love cereal and lunch meat. :(

i have a problem.

and youll be delighted with todays post in the mind of travis.

Jeremy said...

Good post! Creative!

wendy said...

Soooo cute Jess!!
Good thing you have a dad that can help you with the differences between the real Travis and the mexi' one. I think this is when you're to close to the situation to really see straight. ;o)
Darling little fam!!