Friday, February 27, 2009

Wood River Valley Weather: Mostly Great!

Yesterday I had the good fortune of loading up the company vehicle and driving to KMVT-CBS in the nearby booming metropolis of Twin Falls Idaho. "Twin" (as we locals call it) is located some 65 miles due south of us here in Hailey. It is here in Twin that us locals can find the Costco hot dogs and Burger King Whoppers that we so crave in the big wood river valley. Well, some of us.

While driving over Timmerman I took a quick video showing the heavy snow and wind. This video is taken by me driving due south on Route 75 on Timmerman pass.

The picture below was taken by me in the same location heading due north back home approximately 4 hours later. The weather can be fierce and crazy here from time to time but for the most part is sunny and beautiful. We live 12 miles from where this picture was taken directly up in the valley.


Do you not agree that we live in a beautiful part of Idaho?

Then here's what you do:
  • Get your kids ready.
  • Get in the car.
  • Drive here now.
We'll do the rest!


Jeremy said...

Those are some nasty driving conditions. Great picture of the mountains!

wendy said...

We're on our way...
we'll see ya in 5, unless of course weather repeats itself then we'll see ya in 20. (hours that is)

Call me crazy, but I love bad weather. Isn't there some kind of law against filming and driving?
Who's the crazy one here?