Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just say no...

Delightful Indian Cuisine? -or- Dog food made from meat byproduct??

Rarely do I use my blog as a forum for ranting. Today I make that exception.
I went to an Indian Cuisine restaurant today for the first time. Unfortunately I didn't like it. I say unfortunately because I like most every kind of food. I was bummed that not only did I not like it but now an hour later my tummy is swelling and hurts. (@#$^^&@~~!!!!!)

It's not enough for me to hate it. It is now my mission to persuade you to not eat it. I've done some research and here are some excellent reasons to stay away from Indian food:

1. All traditional Indian foods use Ghee as a cooking fat/oil. The Ghee is high in saturated fats and Cholesterol. Even if you are eating a vegetable curry, you are not escaping from saturated fats
2. The vegetables are over-cooked in the curries. Even a healthy spinach loses most of its vitamins when made into a Saag (Common spinach curry)
3. Most of mild curries (Makhani, Mughalai, Korma, Pasanda) use whole milk yogurt, cream and coconut. All these items are high in saturated fats
4. The popular desserts are made with Sugars Ghee and Reduced Milk (Khoya). They are all very high calorie, high fat
5. The most popular snacks are deep fried: Samosa, Pakora, Kachori.
6. White rice lacks fiber and nutrients, is the most commonly used Rice in India. Brown Basmati is available but scarce
7. Refined flour (maida) lacks fiber and nutrients is commonly used to make snacks, and sometimes even breads
8. Fresh raw vegetable salads (Spinach) are hardly made and used.
9. The best tropical fruit is pink Guava but hardly eaten by well to do

There are more Type II diabetics in India than anywhere in the world. Direct result of Indian foods: Ghee, Vanaspati (Hydrogenated plant oil), Full fat dairy products (Milk, Yogurt Khoya Paneer), Refined grains (White Rice, Maida), Refined sugars.

I think Indian people are the nicest people on the planet. I don't see how this can be given the food that they have to eat every day!

I could be totally wrong. Truth is I liked the unleavened bread delio that was served. Am I missing something? Is there good Indian food?

I'd write more but I've got to go lay down now.


Jeremy said...

In my experience, the answer is no, there is not good Indian food.
With all the things we have in common this another we share.
I say Indian food stinks...quite literally in many cases.

wendy said...

You're not going to belive this especially by the look on your face.... but there is a good india place here, well actually in Provo that my parents took us to. It is called Bombay House... it was quite good. We would go back!!
That picture you have could actually be saucy covered dog food?!? Who really knows?

Becka said...

When I need to get rid of that yucky food feeling in my tummy, I follow my favorite, handsome brother-in-law's advice and guzzle some Magnesium Citrate!! ;)

Jeremy the Ames said...

What!? Indian food is the best! Can't vouch for where you ate, but come on! I feel somewhat responsible for your little intestinal problems since Sonja and I convinced you how good Indian food is. Sorry bout that, but Indian food is still the awesomest. Please, gentle readers, do not be swayed. Mmmm, so good. All this talk of curry has my mouth watering right now.

Frederick said...

Hello Brent! " are not escaping from saturated fats..."
- Saturated fats play an important role in achieving and maintaining optimal health. It's so important that the body itself manufactures saturated fat, not leaving it to chance, or if we'll eat some or not.

Also, few people know that there is more than one type of saturated fat?

Coconut oil is 92% saturated but predominantly medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). Almost all other fats/oils (saturated or unsaturated, plant- or animal-based) are mostly, if not entirely, long chain fatty acids (LCFA).

MCFAs are quickly digested by your body. MCFA-rich coconut oil goes straight to your liver to power metabolism, which simply can't be said of LCFA-rich oils. MCFAs are so different from LCFAs. Their absorption, transport, metabolism and uses are completely different. Just my two cents.

Your Drugstore in a Bottle

John said...

Pitted so Pitted.
did i not warn you. you know i did.
Thank you cocoNUToil guy, I was waiting for someone to give a break down on MCFA and LCFA. Get it right Brent. FREAKIN A.At least you should feel better now about your meal except for the fact that we installed cable to the rat infested closet at this establishment. In the future please send an email out to all of the techs to get some feedback on the installs they have done here in the valley. Unless you like pooping. Don't answer that

Jeremy said...


penalert said...

I think there is a slight anger problem here. Sima down now!