Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love to see the Temple (even if it takes all night!)

We made our way down to Utah this last weekend. One of our stops was a visit to the new Draper Temple. Because the volume of visitors has been so high at this temple we were instructed to park at nearby stake centers in Wyoming. OK. I'm exaggerating. The stake centers were only a couple of miles away.

Once at the stake center we watched a nice video and then boarded buses to the temple. In our bus we loaded 90 people into a 30 seat bus. (A great condition for missionary work).

Once out of the bus, we waited 10 minutes or so until we could begin our long journey of waiting in line in the tents leading to the temple. Here's our family with Ruth's brother's family, the Mitchells. Oh, and Kathy!

Within about 10 minutes we were waiting in line in tents. The tent waiting line was about 2 miles long and took about an hour and a half to get through. OK, OK it wasn't 2 miles long but the wait was every bit 90 minutes. Lots of folks wanting to see this beautiful temple.

Picture of Brent, Jake and Ben Mitchell waiting in line.

3 hours later our tour was complete. The temple was as beautiful inside as we had anticipated.
Once outside Brent III asked me to take a picture of the heroic whisker growth on his chin (why now and here I'm not sure, but I obliged).
If you look very closely you can make out the Draper temple through Brent's beard.


wendy said...

Oh my... your story was mostly true. The Stake Center was actually bordering New York, I think the bus had close to a thousand, I'm pretty sure the journey through the tents went across the plains like our ancestors before us, and the whisker shot was taken at the beginning of our journey... you should have seen it when we reached the end. Gorgeous Temple and Awesome Company!! The massages and did I mention the company made the journey more than worth while. Loved your visit... let's do it again sometime.

wendy said...

I forgot to mention the shot of the awesome three-some. Spirits were high throughout the journey.
You forgot to mention the periodical "Love You" shout outs through the orange cones that echoed throughout the tunnel of tents. One of the kids was rather rambunctious!! ;o)

Jeremy said...

Good pictures and good story.
I'm not sure I see Brent's chin hair yet. I'll have to get a closer look.