Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One of the great ones

My older son Brent has had his share of adversity in his short lifetime.
As a father I'm astonished at his strength, maturity and will to overcome anything that attempts to bind him and keep him down. He is too strong for that.
Just yesterday we were marveling at Brent, the 11 pound baby that Ruth had given birth to. Time has gone by so fast! -sniff
Today he is a senior at Wood River High School. A star on his basketball team. An outstanding home teaching companion and a great big brother. He only has a few short months of school left and then it will be time to leave the nest.
Tomorrow I see him being a wonderful Melchizedek Priesthood holder a great husband and a loving father. For Brent, the sky is the limit.


Allison said...

Amen! . . . and it just seems like yesterday he was trying to melt the snow in your driveway with a bucket of water! Love ya neighbors!!!!

Justin said...

I agree. Just a hunch; but much of Brent's admirable personality traits come from his fathers example, unconditional love & support. I know I credit my most valued lessons and victories in my life to what my father has given to me. You are both spiritual hero's that I feel blessed to have crossed paths with.


Allison said...

Now you know why I married this awesome guy named Justin!

Jeremy said...

Any person that has had the opportunity to get to know Brent is better off for it. I sincerely mean that. He has a certain aura with the way he carries himself.
And if you have a ANY question about a basketball shoe, Brent is your guy. He has the answers!

Perfect picture for this post.

Sonja said...

I'm wiping away tears too. Gosh darn it. I love this post, Brent. I love when you let people see this side of you.

Brent III is a fantastic kid/almost man. It's been a privilege to know him (and his terrific family).

I see many good things in his future.

great picture, by the way.

Jessumca said...

Brent is the best guy ever in the whole world!