Thursday, July 3, 2008

What So Proudly We Hail!

The 4th of July is upon us.

Here in the Wood River Valley that statement translates into massive amounts of people crammed into one little area. Sun Valley is a popular place this time of year. I had no idea! I must admit it is nice to see so many people out on vacation here in our lovely nape of the neck...nape of the this place. In fact I have friends headed this way that will be here for the weekend. They are from the big city and may not notice the intense people clutter that has swarmed the valley. They are here to visit us and get away from it for a while.

Back to the 4th...

I'm a softy. Rather, I would describe myself somewhat large in stature. I think masculine things, I like masculine things and protection (as in.. protect my family from danger!) is high up on my resume. I guess I see myself as this sophisticated, brutish, clod guy. Really not too different from the Giant in "The Princess Bride" (any one want a peanut! -and- "I'm on the brute squad - You are the Brute squad."). Get the picture?!

An interesting twist into my clodish/brutish/sophisticated self is that I'm moved easily to tears. Not by threats, danger, other brutes or fears but rather by simple, almost undetected things.

For instance:

If I hear a song, albeit instrumental or sung, that has exquisite harmony....Tears.

If I see family replicated in Mom and Dad Duck followed by baby ducks...Tears.

If I feel the warmth of my bed after sleeping on a futon mattress mashed into fruit leather for 5 months....whimper...then....Tears.

If I watch stinking movies with premature death, caring, love, surviving, winning, hope or even Mom and Dad winning (The Incredibles)....Tears.

If I'm at an auto show and I see a late 50's Corvette (not Chordvette)...Tears.

It's getting bad. This emotional softness has crept in over the years and the beauty of it is if I'm teared up, I can usually look across the room at Ruth and she will be teared up. Bizarre huh? Maybe it's in the water supply? It's so bad that if I sniff with allergies during a movie, 3 out of 4 of my children will whip there heads around to see if I'm crying!!

It wasn't always this way. I used to be a freaking stupid idiot (many would agree). -tangent-

Back in the old days there was only one thing that could move me to tears and I remember it all the way back to my basketball playing days in high school and college. It was the National Anthem. You know the Star Spangled Banner. The first time I recognized a choked up feeling that I couldn't stop was while listening to the Star Spangled Banner before my basketball games. There is something about that song when's like I'm able to see and feel of the great sacrifice people have made on my behalf to make this a great nation. I see in my mind, General Washington up against the odds and taking time to pray to the Almighty for strength and wisdom. I see Francis Scott Key seeing a tattered but victorious flag waving in the distance. I see soldiers that have fought to the death to support democracy. I see a herculean effort to keep our country free. These are the things I would and could see in my mind before every basketball game from my junior year on up through my college playing days, while the National Anthem was being played. These pictures in my mind would move me to tears 100% of the time. What does it mean?


No really, I do know. It means this is a great country and why wouldn't I be moved to tears.

Have a beautiful 4th!!


jessie said...

what a beautiful fourth of july blog. i love to look at those pictures, and i love to read what you think about the national anthem. i feel the same way about that music. i love it. if you are interested, you should look up josh groban singing it. So beautiful. at least i know mom will like it, i know you might not be THAT much of a sap.

Sonja said...

The world needs more people who are moved to tears by greatness and beauty. You have such a good heart Brent! Don't change!

Happy Independence Day! God bless America!