Sunday, July 6, 2008

Penny The Tressel Jumper!

(AP-July 5 2008-Sun Valley Idaho)
Penny May Hope broke a long standing Hope Family record by jumping off of a Tressel/Bridge at the age of 9 years 2 months. The record had previously been held by Jessica Hope at the age of 9 years 3 months.

Good job Penny!!


jessie said...

gosh dangit, i am so jealous! wasn't it also in idaho that the first record was made?

Krysten & David said...

Wow, That is fantastic. I don't do jumps from bridges but David thought it was way cool.

So sorry! We had no idea how close we were to you. We so would have come and seen you. Next time for sure

Anonymous said...

My kid jumped from that bridge too and she's 8 and 3 months. I win. Screw you Hope

The editor at "The Daily Item" said...

John...I've told you before, you're not allowed to say "screw" on my blog.

I'm going to need to see a birth certificate to verify your daughters age till I believe it.

Sonja said...

Holy schmoly...that is one brave girl!! You rock Penny! :)