Tuesday, May 19, 2009

True Story: Eversnug

Hello My Friends,

Brent Hope here.
Everyone knows or remembers Max Hunter don't they? Well if you don't, Max is a very good friend of mine that served an LDS mission to Tacoma Washington(Cambodian speaking) several years ago. From inspiration, Max and former mission companion Tanner Ellsworth developed and patented a very smart bed linen product that fits snugly on your bed and eliminates the bottom bed sheet from popping up and becoming loose. I have had a set of their sheets on my bed for several months now and Ruth and I couldn't be more happier!! Many of you can attest to Ruth's strong background with the sewing machine and her seamstress abilities to design and make clothes. She says that these sheets are fantastic. Ruth has been used to provide quality feedback to Eversnug.

These sheets have been the solution for sloppy loose sheets that always pop up in the night while I'm sleeping.

As my friends, you know that I've never tried to sell anything to anyone of you. Here I make a logical exception. The sheets are made of 100% cotton satin-quality 436-count fabric. They are the real deal, the genuine article if you will. I would encourage you to take a look at their website and order a set of sheets for your bed:

This product is 100% invented by Max and Tanner.

Max and Tanner have these sheets made in Cambodia largely by LDS members there. Everyone involved with Eversnug is a quality individual. In addition to these sheets being a fabulous product these sheets also provide a good living for the LDS members back in their native Cambodia.

These sheets are not generic sheets made with an American name plate on them. These sheets have been engineered by Max and Tanner and the sheets are built to specifications by Eversnug employees in Cambodia. Max and Tanner are the owners of Eversnug.

For the next couple of weeks you can take advantage of the "pre opening" of Eversnug and order sheets at a discounted rate.

I am absolutely not fooling. I guarantee that you will love these sheets.

If you want to see the sheets, come on over to our house and we'll show them to you first hand!

If you have any question drop me a line.

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