Monday, May 18, 2009

Seminary Graduate

Sunday Evening Brent officially graduated from Seminary. No more early mornings dragging himself to Seminary!! He was one of 4 that graduated from the Hailey 2nd Ward.
Earlier in the day Brent taught the lesson in Elders Quorum and did a fantastic job. I would definitely say that he has a teaching talent.

High School graduation is set to take place May 27th. Look here for more pictures in a week or so!

Nice job Brent!

Brent and Brent
Koby Yates, Curt Yates, Brent Hope, Kaylie Touissnat, Bishop Larry Green


Graham Crackers said...

So if you peel off your shirt (Superman style) do you turn into GI Joe, the Greatest American Hero? Because it looks as if you GI's are showing....tee hee.
Love you bro!

Jessumca said...

what the heck!? why?! i didn't even notice the GI joe until kelli pointed it out! you guys are silly. :)

Sonja said...

Congrats to Brent!! And...i'm just not sure what to say about the doll poking out there.

Jeremy said...

Congratulations Brent! I hope you guys know I would be at his graduation if I could make it.