Friday, April 18, 2008

Still Bitter

Here's a phenomenon at my house that only involves me:
When ever I enter our family room I have to be careful. If Arrow (the toothless dog) happens to be on our couch and our eyes happen to meet (thus exposing her doing something she shouldn't) I have to avert my eyes and back out of the room immediately. If the dog and I are looking at each other and I take a step forward she will begin to piddle. The closer I get the more she piddles! If I so much as raise an eyebrow....piddle. Aaaaaggghghhh!! It is best if I just avert my eyes, slowly back out and get someone else to remove the dog.

It's not all bad though. With Arrow's loss of teeth I have decided to turn it into a positive. I've made these three necklaces from her teeth and they are doing quite well on eBay!


Anonymous said...

YUCK! little bit!

Becka said...

This gave me a wonderful chuckle that I needed this afternoon!

Sonja said...

Way to turn a negative into a positive. :)