Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Four of a Kind

Here for your viewing pleasure, I present:
Michael Levi Rigby
Born 4/22/08 around 4:30 AM MST
Weighing in at: 8 lbs 2 ounces

Lets give Michael Levi Rigby a big fat dailyitem welcome to the planet (smattering of applause). Oh and hey...who is that beautiful woman next to Michael? It's the lovely Becka Rigby... Let's give Becka a big fat dailyitem round of applause for having her fourth boy in a row (officially called a Mormon Hat Trick)!!
(ooooohs and ahhhhhs from the audience followed by what?...a standing ovation!)

My hat is off to my kid brother Jeremy, his sweet wife Becca and their awesome boys:

Eric - Timmo - Noah - Michael

Keep up the good work!


jessie said...

dad you need your own show. or you should write a book. i just enjoy reading your words. also i think becka and michael look wonderful!

Brent Hope said...

I think you are slightly biased in your observation but thank you anyway. One thing Mom and Dad never told you guys is that I thought about a show once. I was approached by a group out of Hollywood to do this show years ago. The premise of the show went something like this: The host would call four people out of the audience. The four people would try to guess the price of nice and fancy consumer items. The closest one to the price "without going over" would win the item and then be invited on stage to try and win more cool consumer items.

They wanted to call the show,"the price of thing" or er, "the right price" or something. I can't remember the name and I'm not sure if it ever took off.

Anyway... showbiz wasn't for me. So I jumped into cable television.

Sonja said...

hardy har har (about the show biz thing). But I agree with Jessie, you should definitely write a book. You are an excellent writer and observer and your wit is very commendable. :) I've often thought of writing a book about you.

I am on my feet cheering for Becka! woo hoo! (no one should look that good right after giving birth though.)

Brent Hope said...

The Price is Right!!! That's what the show was called. Anyone ever heard of it?!

I agree you should write a book about me. On second thought, perhaps a book is too heroic. Heck, with all of my accomplishments, good deeds and adventures...you might be able to fit them all into a... pamphlet. Good luck with that!

Brent Hope said...
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