Monday, March 17, 2008

Winter is Fading!

It has been very nice to experience a real winter! For the last 10 years our winters were spent in Seattle where for the most part there isn't any snow. To experience sledding in Washington we were required to drive to Snoqualmie, Crystal or Leavenworth. These trips would take an hour or two to get to. Here, the longest part of going on a sledding trip is getting everyone loaded up in the car! This picture above shows Penny, Brent, Jake and Sarah at our favorite sledding hill, Rotarun (I might also use this picture as their first CD/Album cover).
Rotarun is a mini ski hill with a dopplemyer platter lift for skiers and snowboarders. Rotarun in operated by the Rotary Club here in town and is only open on the weekends for skiing. During the week it is vacant and sledders are allowed all over the hill. It is a 5 minute drive from our house in Hailey. We come here frequently and usually bring guests when they arrive in town to visit us. We have also brought Cookie our dog here and she loves it! We have enjoyed it immensely!

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