Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Original Hope Family minus Bombadil

Look at these lovely women! They must look like their father! These are my three oldest daughters: Jessica, Elise and Amber. And of course everyone knows Thomas. Even though we have 4 more children that live at home with us, these girls are the reason why we sit with our head in our hands and stare at our shoelaces. Because we miss them! What stands out in this picture? I'd say Ambers Dr. Seuss Socks!

Here is the original Hope daughter with her sweet puppy. Elise is an awesome young lady and we were so happy to have her first all those years ago. Elise had the perfect demeanor for a big sister. She was strong and bossy and wouldn't let anybody get away with anything. She even beat up a kid that was picking on Brent! Tough girl. Her toughness is only surpassed by her exquisite beauty (OK, Ok, she looks like her mom, not me). Elise has always looked out for the underdog in the group. If there was someone without a friend, Elise is there to be that friend! She is an accomplished musician and with her sisters has played at every major Hope function. She married a Steve McQueen clone named Brett Reagan and he is crazy awesome. I can't say too much about him though because he works for the government as a secret agent or something like that (I think I remembered that right).

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I think she's pretty!