Saturday, March 1, 2008

Idaho Snowboard!

Brent, Sarah and I went snowboarding today at Dollar Mountain in Sun Valley.
It was Brent and Sarah's first time. They both did exceedingly well although they both admit that it was harder than they thought it would be.
The video above is of my son Brent snowboarding down the hill.
Not bad at all!


Becka said...

Wow! I remember when I went snowboarding the first :( and only time and I spent way more time laying down than actually heading down the mountain. Impressive! I wish I could come there right now and go snowboarding with everyone!

jeremy said...

Good job Brent! I dig the 007 music!

Sonja said...

Great job Brent 1 and 2.
2 for the snowbording and 1 for the movie making.
I couldn't see the movie the first couple of days it was up for some reason. It worked just fine now.