Thursday, March 18, 2010

AMBL NEWS: Team skunks opponent!! Cruises to Victory!

An AMBL first this morning as Team "Underachiever" (Kirk, Griffiths, Snell and Hope) wins big while holding opposing team to zero, nada, nill, zilch, goose-egg, no points!

Daily Item reporter, Kieser Souza was able to get a few words from the opposing team:

The DI: "Say, how does it feel to be skunked by this ragtag team of misfits?"
Clive III: "Horrible man"
The DI: "Did you know that this is the first time that this has EVER happened in an AMBL (sanctioned) game?"
Clive III: "Uh, no. No one hip me to that, man"
The DI: "It appeared that your father Brent Jr. Owned you this morning!"
Clive III: "Huh? Well... that's like, your opinion... man."

Well there you have it. Poised to go down in infamy. Team Underachiever accomplishes the equivalent of Baseball's "Triple-Play" Golf's "Grand-Slam" Olympian "Gold" or a Dave Gardner layin without traveling (a truly rare event indeed!).

sigh - My, Oh My!

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Jeremy said...

Kieser Souza? I love it!!