Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inside Clay Animation: Literally

Jake's first "Clay Animation movie: 
Titled: Silent Clay 3.mov
Rated: PG:13 

All images in film are made with clay, by Jacob.

Jacob my 13 year old son has a ton of Lego stop-action movie that he has produced, 20 to be exact.  The movies are fun and interesting to watch.  The film above is Jake's first "clay" animation movies.  While it is exceedingly graphic, it is interesting to see Jake using newer techniques.  

Beware and I hope you can sleep tonight after watching this film.


Amber Hope said...

hahahaha! i love it! Jake is so talented i was hoping that you would post this because jake was telling me all about it.

Jeremy said...

Man, Jake is creative! I love it. I never knew clay figures could be so violent. Very cool.

Jeremy said...

By the way, I really like all the pictures and stories of the cars you've owned. I ate my first Big Mac in your Bug that burned.

Jeremy the Ames said...


Sonja said...