Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Sick of Moving

My wife and I have been sleeping on a futon mattress for 5 straight months. As in, a futon mattress with no frame. As in, a once 6 inch thick futon mattress but now a mattress that has been squished into something reminicent of fruit leather due to my herculean size. (Well herculean might be a little heroic)

Ah, but no more. This lovely Friday evening I find myself in Tucson retrieving the rest of our personal earthly belongings that have been held so long in storage. Included in that collection of the aforementioned personal belongings is my beloved new king size bed that I bought a little over 8 months ago. This bed is the size of a battleship and twice as comfortable. I cannot wait to sleep in it again this Sunday night.

All of this hub-bub brings me to the theme of tonights post. Which is:


Don't get me wrong...I have had the good fortune of having this move paid for by the United States Government. Specifically the Executive Branch of that government. This money so graciously given to me by GeeDub is of course more commonly known as the "Economic Stimulus Check." Now... a year or so ago I would have preferred to put this money into action somewhere else. However, having the perspective I posses now, which will forever be known as the "Futon Perspective" I am more than happy to spend every American cent of this "Stimulus" on getting my bed back.

Anyway. Not only was the move paid for...when I arrived here in Tucson and showed up at the storage facility, droves of men from the Bear Canyon Ward showed up to help me load the truck! Talk about great people. These men left their families to help me. was hotter than blazes outside. Quite humbling really.

There are those that never move. That build roots. Have families that never move. They build roots. Generations of folks that never move and family is abundant and close.

I envy these people. How I wish I was one of these types. Especially now when I miss my three oldest daughters and my grandson sooooo bad. Especially when I miss all of my former wards soooo bad. And my dear friends... and co-workers.

But you know, for some reason it is not my nature to stay in the same place very long. So even though I've hated moving for as long as I can remember, I have still moved when I felt like it was time. Even now, as bad as I miss all of the things I have talked about, I can't go back. It just doesn't feel right to go back. Not only that, while I'm miss my these things and while certain scenarios haven't worked out the way I thought they would in certain moves, I have never second guessed myself in one of my moves. Well maybe one. OK definately one but that was 20 years ago! I loved elements about Tacoma/Seattle but when I go there now I expect it to feel like an old friend but it doesn't, it feels heavy. Now I'm in Tucson and it feels heavy. My comfort now is upon returning back to the Wood River Valley to my family. With my bed.

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