Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hot Springs!

This weekend we went to Carey, Idaho to watch my oldest son Brent III play basketball in a summer tournament. Carey Idaho is near....uh....let's see...NOTHING!!

I shouldn't be so harsh. Carey is 24 miles from "Craters of the Moon" national park and 50 miles from a our country's first Nuclear Plant. Cool!!

The best thing about Carey can be found if you travel just a mere 9.2 miles east of town on Route 20. Very hidden with no signs, is a gem of a hot springs, it's only landmark is a worn turnout aside the main road. This picture (bad quality I know) was taken with Ruth's camera phone looking toward the highway (that's our old suburban parked just off the road). This hot pool is inside lava rock with a gravel bottom. Not too hot, not too cold...just right. Jake, Sarah and Penny can be seen (if you squint) playing in the pool.

Just another cool thing about Idaho!


Becka said...

I've been there! Actually, my family used to live in Arco (the Nuclear Town) when I was only 5! And I've been to Carey many, many times. We used to visit that Hot Springs on the way home from a campground near there too! I miss all those little things about Idaho!

Sonja said...

Sweet! I've never actually been in a hot spring, but I will some day, by golly.

We really need to come up and visit you guys. Hey, when are you going to AZ? Have you gone all ready you dirty dog?? PLEASE let us know if you plan to be in the neighborhood. :)

jessie said...

I want to go there! Lucky! That looks beautiful.

Jeremy The Ames said...

When I was a kid, I loved going to Craters of the Moon!! (except for skinning my knee on the nasty sharp rocks) So much joy and sadness all in one place.

Those hot springs look awesome.