Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Own Private Idaho!

13 miles south of Sun Valley Idaho is the town of Hailey Idaho. I commissioned my boys Brent and Jake (one box of milk duds) to climb to the top of a local hill and take pictures of this fair town. We live directly left of this picture near the mountain. This picture is looking NW. Click on the picture for high detail!

Saturday we drove 7 miles west of Ketchum in search of a local hot springs. Brent, Penny and Jake found it bubbling up out of the creek bed. (Click on picture to enlarge)

Last week we drove up to Stanley Idaho. Stanley is located about 70 miles to the north and is noted for being one of the coldest locations in the continental USA (lower 48). Salmon and Steelhead make the long trip from the Pacific Ocean to this area every year. We stopped at a local fishery and saw a bunch of huge fish! (Click on picture to enlarge)


jeremy said...

Sweet pictures! I really like the one of Hailey.

jesswess said...

wow! its so beautiful! next time you commission someone for a box of milk duds it better be me!

Becka said...

Wow! These pictures are so pretty! I am gonna come see you guys soon. With all the troop!