Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Great Onion Ring Blog of 2008

My son Brent has been doing some cooking lately. On Mother's Day he cooked the family roast beast with great raves and reviews. My son's new piqued interest in Chemistry class in unison with desires to eat has created a phenomenon here at the Hope house. That phenom is Brent cooking. And what's phenomenal is that he's doing it quite well. I found him on the computer today looking up "onion ring" recipes. After finding the right one (with all the ingredients that we had in the house without going out to buy more) Brent made his way to the kitchen to work his magic. Using his mother as "chief consultant" and me as the "onion cutter upper guy." Brent spent the next 30 minutes cooking a batch of fantastic tasting onion rings. Then...much to my astonishment he shared!!!

Nice job Brentie!!


jeremy the ames said...

I LOVE onion rings!

jeremy said...

mmmmmmmm, onion rings

Jessie said...

Those look delicious! Good job Brentjamin. Lucky!