Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paying Homage to a Great Man

Lawrence Robert Mitchell has left a lasting legacy of good.

With many children, granchildren and great-grandchildren, "Larry's" posterity has become that "good fruit" that has nourished and brought many souls closer to Jesus Christ.
I being one of them.

Larry's legacy of quiet obedience and service in the gospel provided for me a foundation that I could always return to look at or get recharged from every time I saw him.

Now that legacy is a memory for me to always remember.

Larry died with an active temple recommend.
Larry paid a full-tithe.
Larry took care of the families he home taught.
Larry took care of his own family both spiritually and temporally leaving us all with an inner desire to do the same.
Can there be a greater way to leave this planet?

I don't think so.

His beautiful wife Helen penned the following poem about the "here-after":

We Will See Each Other Again

As a ship departs the harbor
And ne'er we see it more
'Til we make that selfsame voyage,
And reach that distant shore.

So it is with a loved one's passing;
'Tis but a parting, brief.
And the promise of a blest reunion
Sustains us in our grief

Helen O. Mitchell

I will miss this man and look forward to seeing him again.

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Jeremy said...

That was a sweet post. Very nice.