Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skiing with Clive at Sun Valley

Just recently went skiing with Clive at Sun Valley (again!).  This is Clive's first year skiing and the other day he took me down 4, yes count them, FOUR black diamond runs.  

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Clive with the Gondola and Rock Garden in the background

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Brent skiing the Rock Garden

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On Rock Garden, Skiing down to the Gondola

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Clive drug me down my a bunch of black diamonds.  Here we decide whether to go down Upper Holiday or Rock Garden.

Thrilling ski video sure to be a classic
(Jessica Louise scores the video)


PixelFish said...

Just to clarify: Clive = Sonny? (Help! Can't keep track of cousins!)

Brent Hope said...

Yes indeed. Clive = Sonny

Jeremy said...

I love these pictures. The second one down is my wallpaper.