Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bootleg video of Clive III first day skiing

Clive III's first day on the mountain as captured 
by an amateur photography with a bad cell phone.

Clive was all smiles today after getting through his first day skiing.
As many of you know Clive works for the Sun Valley Company as a restaurant worker on top of Bald Mountain in Ketchum.  Skiing free is an awesome benefit to working for Sun Valley and he is even able to get his family and friends in at 50% off.  This video captured a run taken late in the day and shows that Clive has done a nice job mastering some basic skills on his first day skiing.  Nice job Hopie!

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Jeremy said...

Nice job. Looks like Jr's athletic skills came in handy.

Also, nice job skiing AND being a cameraman. Well done.