Saturday, February 2, 2008

How do I get down from here!!!

I went skiing for the first time in about 5 years today.
I thought it would be no problem at all.
I went straight to the top.
And it about killed me!

This is how not to land


jeremy the ames said...

It looks like Broadway Face would be about right (that or Lookout Restaurant) ;)

I've taken Sam skiing once so far this year. He amazes me. He's already as good as me, and he's only 8. Of course, I'm not that good. Once, maybe twice, a year is about all I go. So how did you get that picture of me skiing?

Brent said...

LOL!! I couldn't believe how out of shape I was. Years ago when we rented in north Tacoma our landlord who was about my age now said he was trying to get in shape for the ski season. Here it was August and I laughed that anyone had to get in shape to ski. Well, now I'm that guy and it about killed me.

Sonja said...

Oh you two.

It's clear that picture is actually ME. And if I want to go skiing next year, I better start getting in shape now.